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The Happy Office Manifesto

The Four Pillars of a Positive Work Culture

The Happy Office Manifesto Book

About the book

The Happy Office Manifesto will help you create a positive work culture step by step, for yourself, the team, and the organization. Happiness at Work is not about salaries, bonuses, fresh fruit, or having fun all the time, but about purpose, people, progress and positivity. It’s about pyschological safety, working together and achieving meaningful results.

Discover the four pillars of a positive work culture


Feeling that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself, making a difference, feeling that what you do at work is useful.


How is the connection with other people? Are you allowed to be yourself, do you get appreciation and do you dare to speak out?


This is about making progress in meaningful work, achieving results that are important to you, autonomy and responsibility.


This is all about positivity and fun. Having fun together creates a good atmosphere and that in turn leads to more creativity and more pleasant cooperation.

What readers are saying

Tim VanherckHead of Human Resources, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain EMEA

Happiness at work is a popular topic these days. But it is often still a concept that is difficult to grasp fully. In their book, Maartje and Fennande give a structured framework on how to define it and start working on it.
I have often exchanged thoughts with them on the “Purpose” element in their approach, based on my own experience that this is a crucial element in company culture. A captivating book with lots of practical applicability.

Monika HilmAuthor, Put Your People First

My two favorite "happiness" people have written a book about one of the most important topics in organizations: happiness at work. Maartje and Fennande bring science and practice together so that the content is well-founded and practically applicable. They always give me different insights, perspectives, and a hundred new ideas when I talk to them. Plus, a lot of new energy to build a positive work culture. Very inspiring.

Sophie DopheideCulture Champion, Tony’s Chocolonely

The Happy Office Manifesto is truly an eye-opener for any company that values culture and workplace happiness. And thus a must-read for anyone concerned (or not) with culture. To make you happy!

Onno HamburgerFounder, Gelukkig Werken Academy

Maartje and Fennande combine extensive experience, a down-to-earth outlook and a good dose of humor, so that cultural changes are successfully and sustainably. An absolute must.

the writers Happy Office Manifesto

Meet the writers

Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen founded their company Happy Office in 2015, to help organizations build positive work cultures. In 2018 they founded the International Week of Happiness at Work, which has spread to more than 54 countries.

In this book we’ll teach you
  • How to a make positive culture practical
  • What the four pillars of a positive work culture are
  • Practical exercises for creating a positive culture
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