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the writers Happy Office Manifesto
Sandy MamoliNomad8

Happiness at work is not a fluffy concept. It is a foundational element of any successful business and this book explains why. Maartje and Fennande dive into the latest science on human motivation and provide practical guidelines for how we can achieve happiness at work. The book provides a wealth of tips and exercises that will be useful to anyone, whether they are employers or employees, leaders or team members.

Occo VeenmanApple Retail Haarlem

A happy and positive work environment is a gift, unfortunately not all company’s are blessed with those values. This book describes how a happy work environment can be created and more important can be maintained. The book offers handy tools and methods how to start the process of creating a positive and fun culture. Whether you are an employee or a leader. Of course you have to do it yourself but this book helps and provides guidance in a practical way.


Reading through the book is a happy moment on its own! With this book, Maartje and Fennande managed to make the subject of happiness at work clear, practical and fun. It immediately inspires you to start working on the positive culture in your own organization. I use it in my assignments, and also find it a great present to give to managers and teams I work with. I am happy that I can also share it with my international colleagues now.

Aurelie LitynskiHappitude at Work GmbH

What a great and insightful book!
Happiness at work is a serious topic if it's addressed correctly. Maartje and Fennande wrote a perfect hands-on guide to fostering a positive work culture.
A must-read!

Neill MorleyDLA Piper

One those those wonderful books that you wish you had been able to read many years ago!
Never before have I felt so connected to the writers of a book. A real feeling of being mentored and guided for my own personal benefit. My current and any future employer can only benefit too.
This book collates from a plethora of the greatest thinkers in all things relating to happiness in the workplace, but more importantly it is how the writers explain and guide you with their wealth of experience and their own real life examples and experiences.
From now on it will be my first port of call when running initiatives, confronting issues and generally trying to implement improvements. It builds confidence in tackling even the most challenging issues by advising on proven methods for success and what pitfalls to look out for.
Thank you Maartje and Fennande

Martin LeroyGrupo Aukera Consultores - Happy Hour de 9 a 18

Fennande and Maartje have managed to explain in their book the importance of happiness at work and the benefits it brings. In a simple way and with great depth of knowledge, they leave us the task of rethinking our businesses and tips to make people and companies happier.

Maja LoncarCo Founder - Paleta znanj - Happiness at Work Ambassadors

An excellent book that explains in a professional, practical, and friendly way why the key task of building and managing good organizational cultures is to co-create ones that will have a positive impact on all the stakeholders of an organization. This should be the common vision of every organizational partnership as its mission should be happy people. After reading it you will understand why culture is the collective personality of an organization and that no matter how intelligent you are, your personality will always determine your success.

Tim VanherckHead of Human Resources, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain EMEA

Happiness at work is a popular topic these days. But it is often still a concept that is difficult to grasp fully. In their book, Maartje and Fennande give a structured framework on how to define it and start working on it.
I have often exchanged thoughts with them on the “Purpose” element in their approach, based on my own experience that this is a crucial element in company culture. A captivating book with lots of practical applicability.

Onno HamburgerFounder, Gelukkig Werken Academy

Maartje and Fennande combine extensive experience, a down-to-earth outlook and a good dose of humor, so that cultural changes are successfully and sustainably. An absolute must.

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